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This study focuses on analyzing and clarifying the current situation of Vietnamese higher education in the context of increasingly strong globalization. Vietnam is a country with its higher education was established in the early 11th century during feudalism, and in the early 20th century, modern higher education was formed. Over more than a century, the development of Vietnamese higher education has always had its ups and downs throughout its history, and is strongly influenced by history. During that time, Vietnamese higher education has had the opportunity to systematically approach advanced higher education such as French, the Soviet Union’s and the United States’. Until 1975, Vietnamese higher education had many achievements recognized by society. Since the reunification of the country in 1975, the government of Vietnam has also made great efforts to develop the university sector in order to meet the changes of the times, through accessing many university models around the world. However, the more reform and innovation, the more disorienting the higher education. Faced with this reality, our study has chosen a historical approach to analyze the formation and development of higher education in Vietnam, since 1906, when the Indochinese University, the first institution of modern higher education in the country, was officially formed. This work aims to identify and explain, in a scientific and systematic way, the causes of the current weaknesses in Vietnamese higher education. Through the research of documentary sources combined with interviews with officials, experts and professors in higher education, the author seeks to show the impacts of the time and the inadequacy of macro-policy mechanisms on Vietnamese higher education over time. This provides an indepth understanding of the current state of Vietnamese universities and opens a premise for future integration and reform solutions thereafter.

Source: http://www.theses.fr/2022BORD0055


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