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La confiance numérique dans le domaine bancaire by Marine Julien


The progressive digitization that banks have experienced in recent years has enabled them to offer faster, more practical, services, and often closer to their customers’ expectations. However, these new practices are also associated by some of their clients with increased risks for their data and assets. Banks are thus forced to find ways to gain, and keep, the digital trust of their customers. Faced with this problem, several solutions are possible, but it is mainly by regulation that it is currently dealt with, through, in particular, the GDPR, the eIdas regulation and the PSD 2. But is regulation really an effective way to reinforce digital trust ? In this thesis, we study the role of digital trust and the impact of regulation on it at the different stages of the contractual relationship between a bank and its clients.

Source: http://www.theses.fr/2022LAROD002


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