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La mise en oeuvre des solutions « cloud » dans les grandes entreprises françaises : au-delà de la gouvernance des TIC ? by Sabine Khalil


Throughout the last decades, the Internet has brought a myriad of innovative services in organizations. Cloud computing has been a part of Information Technologies that have transformed organizations. It enhances automation and agility, allows scalability and ubiquity as well as reduces time-to-market. However, previous research studies in the IT field has taught us that organizations cannot sustain in a competitive market without, first, investing in IT, and then, effectively governing it. For instance, the extensive list of failing organizations, due to their bad IT governance, has raised awareness regarding the importance held for effective governance. Therefore, organizations can use their investments in IT to their benefits when governed effectively. Similarly, in order to reduce risks generated when adopting cloud services, and benefit from the promised advantages, organizations should effectively govern them. Nevertheless, to our knowledge, no cloud governance model, addressing the various angles of cloud computing, exists. While this research work is motivated by the primordial need for governance, it explores cloud governance adopted by large French organizations, and whether it can be achieved through the organizations’ IT governance. In addition, it aims at studying the possible link between the organization’s effective cloud governance and the intensity level of their adoption. We conduct 35 interviews with large French organizations that have adopted cloud services in order to meet the objectives of this research work. The two rounds of interviews with the 35 organizations highlight numerous major impacts of cloud computing. From the results arise different possible governance models when adopting cloud services in large organizations, along with various factors affecting this governance. We finally stress on the originality of our contributions in the IT and cloud governance literature, as well as we draw the light on the impact of theoretical and practical implications to the Information Systems community.

Source: http://www.theses.fr/2017ENST0064


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