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Tala Sound : un projet social pluridisciplinaire en design sonore carnatique pour patients Alzheimer by Luc Perera


The research axis proposed in this multidisciplinary thesis opens up on various methodologies in the field of innovation in sound design in the fields of applied arts and object design. Our goal is to participate in the appeasement of patients with Alzheimer’s disease using carnatic ancestral rhythms, from South India. To achieve this objective, we first carried out – in three places and with different audiences – surveys on the appeasement felt when listening to Indian music. Based on these results indicating a generally positive perception, we subsequently tested this same music successfully with patients of the Alzheimer at the AP-HP Paul Brousse in Villejuif, France. These listening experiences also suggested the development of a medical device related to our approach: the Tala Box. For the object envisaged to be valid, we had to include in the extra-cultural part of our proposal, these Indian rhythms conveying various cultural symbols, metrics and a relationship to time, a methodology of use that must respect strict health rules. To design the Tala Box, we contextualized it in the form of this new academic discipline that is research by and on design. For its mechatronic realization, we projected it in collaborative and participative forms from secondary level to higher education, by questioning ourselves on the teaching methodology as a whole and on the differences in skill levels between the teaching gateways. We also tested different approaches, such as CK theory, effectual, jugaad and frugal, as well as the notion of proof of concept. Other from the Tala Box is also taking shape in a social design project that questions the place of the user, the notion of needs and the use value in the hospital. We have thus tried to create a unifying intergenerational link around a project that is largely self-funded.

Source: http://www.theses.fr/2022UPSLE004


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