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Marque et identité : le rôle de la marque dans les processus de régulation identitaire des managers : le cas de l’industrie du luxe by Claire Beaume-Brizzi


While brands are traditional topics for the marketing research, they do not retain much attention from organization studies. This thesis originally draws upon the recent « Brand at Work » trend that considers brands as an internal organizational resource affecting identity, a tool for organizational control. Drawing on an insider-research in the luxury industry and on rich empirical material (59 interviews), we show the existence of an archetypal managerial discourse, deeply infused by the marketing discourse, brand being both used as a management tool, and a way to disguise the reality of practices; turning the luxury into a “storytelling industry”. Looking at managers, both producers and receivers of the brand message, we reveal the role of the brand in their identity regulation (IR) processes. We found that the brand can either support their IR practices, managers willingly buying into the brand, or crystallize tensions, corrode IR and act as a dis-connecting mechanism between identity (re)formation and regulation processes. We show the centrality of brand in managers’ identity regulation processes.

Source: http://www.theses.fr/2017PSLED021


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